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About Akasam
We engage the knowledge base and experience of professionals in the various product groups to deliver the most optimal and innovative financial solution to every client's need.
akasam_arrow Corporate Finance
akasam_arrow Investment Banking
akasam_arrow Merchant Banking
akasam_arrow Risk Advisory
akasam_arrow Equity Research
akasam_arrow Management Consultancy
akasam has a team of experienced and competent consultants who have the requisite expertise in consultation; documentation and facilitation services for diverse requirements.

Our services range from advising investors on the right kind of business set up needed to start business in India/abroad to preparing customized comprehensive compliance lists and to assist clients in adhering to it.

Our expert team is not only conversant with the regulatory framework but by making it our business to keep abreast with the ever changing legal procedures and government requirements, we make sure that clients stay compliant.
Our Services
Company Formation, Company Law Matters & Secretarial support
akasam_arrow Formation of Indian & Offshore companies
akasam_arrow Advisory services under the Companies Act, 1956
akasam_arrow Compliance Services under the Companies Act, 1956
akasam_arrow Representation before the Company Law Board, Registrar of Companies & Official Liquidator
Corporate Restructuring Advisory & Compliance
akasam_arrow Mergers & Acquisitions
akasam_arrow Demergers
STPI & SEZ Consultancy
akasam_arrow Registration of entities with STPI/SEZ.
akasam_arrow Supporting in Custom bonding/debonding of the premises with CBEC.
akasam_arrow Facilitating filing of monthly, quarterly, annual performance returns & Softex forms.
Consultancy under FEMA
akasam_arrow Advice on various foreign exchange matters under the FEMA arising from inbound investment into India and outbound investments.
akasam_arrow Obtaining various approvals under FEMA from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Government of India (FIPB Approvals) and providing assistance to comply with requirements prescribed by the RBI.
Other Advisory Services
akasam_arrow Obtaining Import & Export Code (IEC Code)
akasam_arrow Dematerialization of shares
akasam_arrow Drafting and vetting various agreements
akasam_arrow LLP formation