Equity Research

Information is a prerequisite for any decision making process and the role of research is to provide information on the specific target to interested parties (stock markets or individual sectors). akasam specializes in investment strategy and fundamental equity research. We undertake research through rigorous analysis, timely and objective opinions, and proprietary methodologies.

Our Services
Private Wealth Management
Every client has different financial and investment needs. At akasam, we take a complete view of our client’s wealth and risk appetite and identify their wealth management requirements. We then work closely with them to develop personalized wealth planning and investment management solutions so that they can manage, preserve and develop their wealth.

Sector Analysis
Sector analysis serves to provide an investor with an idea of how well a given group of companies are expected to perform as a whole.

Sector analysis is typically employed by investors who are practicing a sector-rotation strategy, or by those who are using a top-down approach to selecting stock to invest in. In the top-down approach to investing, the most promising sectors are identified first, and then the investor reviews the companies within that sector to determine which individual stocks will ultimately be purchased.

We at akasam, review and assess the current conditions and future prospects of a given sector of the economy and provide the clients with an appropriate approach to choose the right sector.

Brand Valuation
A brand is a name or a symbol – and it is associated with tangible and emotional attributes – that is intended to identify the goods or services of one seller in order to differentiate them from those of competitors.

Determining the value of a brand is usually a combination of direct and indirect processes. A direct measurement process is one that arrives at a price based on the communication investment made behind the brand. An indirect measurement will value the brand based on what it can add to the bottom line. We help our clients in estimating the financial value of the brand.


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