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Dynamism and Volatility are two basic features that characterize the Indian capital market. Public Offers on the stock market are complex time bound exercises requiring months of preparation by skilled teams of commercial, financial and legal experts. These activities include rigorous due diligence investigations, market preparation and establishment of an appropriate value for market. A right team of experts is a necessary prerequisite for the success of such a complex and rigorous process.

We assist clients in structuring their companies, preparing for an IPO, assisting in Pre-IPO placement, issue management etc. We support our clients throughout the IPO process by ensuring smooth co-ordination with regulatory authorities.

Our Services
Our services relating to capital markets include the following:

Public Issues / Rights Issues

IPO is an attractive and viable option to raise capital provided it is handled by professional and competent team. An IPO demands the efforts of skilled professionals drawn from legal, accounting and underwriting backgrounds. More often than not, enterprises mulling an IPO face these basic questions… where to start? How to navigate the complex listing route? And most importantly, is it worth doing?

Our IPO services team includes professionals with technical skills and industry experience to simplify and communicate what it takes to “go public,” to the clients. We guide companies through the entire IPO process and ensure a successful listing and also offer post listing support.

On receipt of the enquiry /assignment, first we evaluate the project and conduct due diligence exercises to ensure that the activities of the company are in compliance with all the relevant guidelines, rules and regulations as may be applicable.

Our team prepares offer documents with due care so as to ensure that all the disclosures are in conformity with the relevant provisions of The Companies Act, SEBI guideline and other Laws as may be applicable.

We offer the following services during management of Public/Rights issue:-

  • Assisting in finalization of capital structure
  • Preparation of offer documents
  • Obtaining the necessary statutory and other approvals in connection with the issue
  • Preparation of detailed marketing plan
  • Finalization of advertising campaign
  • Tying up with underwriters and facilitating placement through book-building process
  • Organizing various press and brokers’ conferences and road shows
  • Coordination with various intermediaries like Registrars, Bankers, Printers, Brokers, Auditors, Legal Advisors and Advertisers for a successful completion of the issue
  • Completion of post issue formalities which includes assistance in listing and trading of securities

Buyback of Shares
Buyback is a tool in the hands of the management of cash rich companies. We advise clients on the need for a buyback and the mode to be adopted given the prevailing market conditions. We help the companies to price the buyback and carry out all the due diligence and regulatory activities involved.

Delisting of Shares
Delisting is an exit-route available to the company whose shares are listed on stock-exchanges. Where exit opportunity through Reverse Book Building has to be given to the shareholders, a Merchant Banker is required to be appointed by the Acquirer/Promoter to complete the Delisting process.

We at akasam have experienced professionals to advice companies on the need for delisting and also complying with all regulatory requirements during the delisting process.

Qualified Institutional Placement
Qualified institutional placement (QIP) is a capital raising tool, whereby a listed company can issue equity shares, fully and partly convertible debentures, or any securities other than warrants, which are convertible into equity shares, to a qualified institutional buyer (QIB).

akasam helps listed companies in raising funds via Qualified Institutional Placements(QIPs). We share an excellent rapport with banks/financial institutions (FIs) which enables us to make clean and speedy placements of securities.

GDR/ADR issue / Foreign Currency Convertible Bond (FCCB)
Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds (FCCBs) are optionally convertible bonds issued in a currency other than issuer’s domestic currency. A convertible bond is a mix between a debt and equity instrument. It acts like a bond by making regular coupon and principal payments, but these bonds also give the bondholders an option to convert their bonds into shares at the expiry of the term of the Bond.

A GDR is a bank certificate issued in more than one country for shares in a foreign company. The shares are held by a foreign branch of an international bank. The shares trade as domestic shares, but are offered for sale globally through the various bank branches.

We at akasam offer services to assist companies to raise funds through international markets in the form of FCCBs and / or GDR.

Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP)
Employee retention and motivation are the necessary prerequisites for smooth and successful operations of a company. ESOPs allow the employees to be a part of ownership of the company and also become beneficiaries of the company’s stock.

There are a wide variety of ESOP applications and the overall flexibility in structuring transactions can be overwhelming. Our team of professionals will associate with clients and guide them to decide on various parameters of the scheme that best fits the organization and not compromising on employee satisfaction.


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