Investment Banking

Our Investment Banking team is dedicated to provide corporations, entrepreneurs and investors, the highest quality independent financial advice and transaction execution. Our professionals offer a full range of services and transaction expertise including private placements of equity, capital raising services in public markets, mergers and acquisition and leveraged buyout services.

Our focused effort and research-driven approach enable our professionals to be among the most knowledgeable and best in the business. We aim to create significant value for entrepreneurs and companies by helping them execute the right capitalization strategy.

Our Services
Private Equity Syndication
At different stages in the evolution of any enterprise, Institutional Capital often becomes a catalyst to jump start robust growth and to capitalize on given sector’s potential.

At akasam, we identify and understand capital requirements of an enterprise and also ideal financial investors from the multitude of private equity, venture capital, buy-out and hedge funds in the market. We focus on assisting companies in raising the necessary capital to meet their growth objectives.

The needs of the company and the entrepreneur define the quantum and kind of capital that would be best-suited.

Typical private equity funding engagements has different phases in which akasam works closely with the client’s team in consummating the transaction.

Leveraged Buyouts
Leveraged Buyouts (or LBOs) refer to the acquisition of a business using mostly debt and a small amount of equity.

We work with management teams to evaluate a company’s business and potential for a leveraged buyout. If it is believed that the future of the business provides strong potential for success, then we work with the management to draft a letter of intent (proposal) to purchase the Company.

akasam provides the right advisory services to find finance that optimizes the management’s ownership potential and long term objectives.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Takeover
Our M&A team emphasizes on cutting-edge research and ideation to be able to track industry trends and create a value proposition which will provide an impetus to the client’s business. We assist our clients in structuring and execution of a wide range of complex transactions including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, spin offs, corporate restructuring and re-capitalization.

akasam provides both buy-side and sell-side advisory services as part of its M&A advisory offering.

Enterprise Valuation
Valuations are required for different circumstances and the purpose for which the valuation is intended often has an impact on the value derived and the methodologies adopted. Our valuation services and reports are tailored to meet the needs of clients at different stages of development and with different objectives.

At akasam, our team of experienced professionals adopts sophisticated and generally accepted valuation principles and practices to provide independent, reliable opinions for lenders, investment firms and corporations on the realizable value of going concerns, intangible assets and other specialized business assets.

The ultimate deliverable product when the process is complete is a thorough valuation report that documents the assumptions made, the methods applied and the valuation conclusions reached.


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